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We've heard from countless busy singles to find that women are inundated with lackluster and even vulgar messages from mediocre men. The task of filtering out the bozos to find the few good eligible men can take more time than you'd like to spend.

Conversely, after spending hours crafting thoughtful messages to the finer sex, men are met with mostly lack of response. For those who do respond, most do not continue the conversation after the first message. And to the women who do agree to take a chance on these hopeful men, many do end up canceling the plans.

With online dating it is usually a losing battle. We think the platform is inherently flawed. The anonymity of the medium discounts the value of these amazing people and commodifies the age-old, personal practice of courtship. We created Mervyn Bunter to make online dating something stress-free and enjoyable.

To apply for membership, email apply@mervynbunter.com with your full name, age, phone, and a summary of what you are looking to get out of our service.

Sincerely and with great respect,

M. Bunter